Welcome Note from the Head of the Department

The Department of Economics was founded by Law 4610/07.05.2019 and accepted its first students in the academic year 2019-2020. The Economic Department is based in the city of Kastoria and is part of the School of Economic Sciences of the University of Western Macedonia.

The Department’s mission is the promotion of Economics Science with Academic and Applied teaching and research. It provides an exquisite level of economic teaching and offers two directions a) Economic Analysis and b) Business Economics.  Its graduates can continue with postgraduate and doctorate studies, both in Greek and in international Universities.

Economic studies of a high level, combined with a modern curriculum, include disciplines which reflect the National Economy’s needs as well as the needs of the local and global labour market. Therefore, promising direct links to the labour market are created for graduates.

The Department consists of staff members with significant theoretical and empirical knowledge in modern economic science and internationally recognized publications, which in return allows the transmission of knowledge to the students in the best possible way. Moreover, its administrative staff with its sound training, support the students to the completion of their studies.

The Department of Economics has developed strong research activities in the most profound and modern fields of Economic Science and has a significant contribution to the economic research activity of our country. It plays a central role in the production of economic knowledge, critical analysis of economic relations and institutions, as well as research projects which empower Greek and International literature with issues related to economic science.

As the only department of economic sciences in Western Macedonia, its research activity is closely related to the regional/ local development process. In the context of this activity, the Department is closely cooperating with civil bodies, municipalities as well as businesses on a   national, regional and local level. It also explores issues of production, demand, innovation, development, growth, extroversion, institutions, trade, economic relations, services and their respective strategies, which will lead to the improvement of their competitiveness and excellence.

The Department’s infrastructure is modern with newly built facilities that are fully equipped with modern educational tools and a library with rich resources. Its laboratories are also fully equipped, with several software packages, logistics, marketing, interactive media, personal computers and its classrooms and amphitheaters with modern presentation tools (projectors, interactive whiteboards, sound installations, etc.).

Promising that we will be next to you along the way, whilst asking you to exploit every opportunity offered, I am wholeheartedly wishing you the best of luck in your studies.

Prof. Theodoros Monovasilis

Head of Department of Economics