The excellent scientific training of the Faculty staff members results in teaching and research of the highest standards, both at an undergraduate as well as at a postgraduate level, while possessing world- acclaimed research activity.

The Departments’ strategic aims for the following three years, include the elements of  Education, Research and Linkages to society.


High level education

1.1. Development of sought-after undergraduate and postgraduate programs

1.1.1 Establishment and operation of Postgraduate Programs in Greek or in English autonomously and / or in collaboration with other Departments in Greece and abroad.

1.1.2 Increase the number of PhD Candidates and their involvement in teaching

1.1.3 Creation of international cooperation programs, through the co-supervision of doctoral programs.

1.1.4 Enrichment of the advisory committee by specialized people to improve the curriculum offered by the Department.

1.2 Continuous improvement of the learning experience

1.2.1 Inclusion of flexible and individualized learning methods in the educational process such as individual and group projects, case studies, laboratory exercises and tutoring.

1.2.2 Increase the use of Information and Communication Technologies (eg videos, movies, etc.).

1.2.3 Enhancement of experiential learning through business visits.

1.3 Implementation of a quality policy in the curriculum

1.3.1 Enhancement of the continuous evaluation of teaching according to the University’s Quality Assurance System.

1.3.2 Renewal and adaptation of the Curriculum to the needs of evolving scientific thinking and technology.

1.4 Improving Graduation Rates and Student Performance

1.4.1 Enhancement of the communication between professors and students.

1.4.2 Strengthening the institution of the Study Counselor.

1.4.3 Reward of excellence.

1.4.4 Search for scholarships from public and private institutions to reward the students’ excellence.


Production of high-level research

1.1 Enhancing the research laboratories

1.1.1 Strengthening and upgrading existing research laboratories

1.1.2 Establishment of new research laboratories in cutting-edge scientific fields related to the Economic Science and the needs of the wider region.

1.2 Improving performance in production and recognition of research scientific work

1.2.1 Resources and workload allocation to reward research excellence.

1.2.2 Strengthening the faculty members’ research efforts.

1.2.3 Strengthening the postgraduate program, doctoral and postdoctoral research, which will contribute increased research outputs for the Department.

1.2.4 Workshops for the promotion of research results

1.2.5 Award for the best published scientific articles

1.3 Promoting innovation in research by strengthening collaborations in cutting-edge fields with domestic and foreign institutions

1.3.1 Increase participation in forums and conferences

1.3.2 Increase the number of projects in which faculty members participated

1.3.3 Increase in the number of projects which were coordinated by a Department’s faculty member


Supporting the student community

3.1 Connections with the labour market & personal development opportunities

3.1.1 Increase the number of organized workshops / talks.

3.1.2 Increase the number of career days.

3.1.3 Motivate students to write a resume and prepare for job interviews.

3.2 Cooperation with companies

3.2.1 Enhancing business interconnections.

3.2.2 Development of interdisciplinary collaborations with national and international organizations.

3.3 Enhancing the employability of students

3.3.1 Motivate students to participate in the department’s research activities / events.

3.3.2 Search for scholarships from public and private institutions.

3.3.3 Reinforcement of student volunteering activities in collaboration with the Department’s group of student volunteers.


Linkages to society and institutions

4.1 Signing memoranda and collaborations with local community bodies

4.1.1 Increasing the number of memoranda and collaborations with local community bodies

4.1.2 Collaborations for joint participation in research and other funded projects

4.2 Department’s Actions with public benefit to strengthen the local community

4.2.1 Organization of a Bazaar for the purpose of collecting money, basic necessities, etc. for vulnerable groups

4.2.2 Participation in actions of other associations e.g. blood donation, environmental initiatives

4.2.3 Reinforcement of the actions of bodies with which the Department cooperates e.g. IASIS


Enhance extroversion and international awareness

5.1 Creation of international cooperation programs

5.1.1 Creation of international cooperation programs, through the co-supervision of doctoral programs with other Universities

5.2 Department’s Presence in the international’s community actions

5.2.1 Increase the participation of students and faculty members in Erasmus programs.

5.2.2 Creation of foreign language study programs.

5.3 Department’s Networking

5.3.1 Enhancing the Department’s image on social media.

5.3.2 The improvement and enrichment of the website for the promotion of the the Department’s overall work.