Title: Interdepartmental Postgraduate Study Program entitled: «MSc of ENERGY INVESTMENTS AND ENVIRONMENT– M.Sc. EN.I.EN » (In collaboration with the department of Chemical Engineering , Faculty of Engineering and the department of Regional Development and Cross Border Studies, School of Economics, University of Western Macedonia).

ΦΕΚ: 4678/19-12-2019 τεύχος δεύτερο

Description : The Postgraduate Study Program “ENERGY INVESTMENTS AND ENVIRONMENT” has as a core objective the integrated scientific specialisation of executives capable to support energy investments in both technical and economic ways by using environmental -friendly technologies as well as enabling postgraduates to be employable in respective business both in Greece and abroad.

More specifically the aims of the Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program are the following:
1. The integrated student specialisation in the following scientific fields:
• International institutional framework in the fields of energy production and consumption in relation to global priorities of environmental and climate protection as well as the sustainable use of natural resources.
• Fuel management with environment-friendly technologies and methods
• Design and implementation of energy investments
2.The quick integration of postgraduates in the labour market and their successful professional career