The Department of Economics is housed into two buildings with modern and fully equipped infrastructure. The lecture theatres and laboratories are situated in the first building (tuition building) while the administration services, the library, academic offices and three amphitheatres are situated in the second building (Administration building).

More specifically the Department of Economics has the following infrastructure and technological equipment:

Teaching classrooms: Six unique classrooms situated in the tuition building which are fully equipped with computers, projectors, speakers and internet connection. The Administration building consists of three amphitheatres with a capacity of 450, 120 and 120 people respectively which are jointly used alongside the other departments based in Kastoria.

Laboratory tuition classrooms: There are two laboratory tuition classrooms situated at the basement of the tuition building. Each one has a capacity of 20 people and equipped with computers, projectors, speakers and microphones with a 1Gbps fiber option internet connection.

Institutionalized Laboratory of Applied Economics: A room with fully equipped workstations.

Departmental Secretariat Offices: The secretary support for the Department is situated at the admin building.

Library: 560m2 equipped with computers and studying room.

Meeting Space: For the meetings of the Assembly of the Department as well as other meetings of a special type and purpose (e.g. contacts with institutions and working groups in research projects), the conference room located on the ground floor of the Administration Building is used.

All the above areas provide convenient access to people with mobility problems.